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Horse Racing. (of the surface of the monitor) drying after a rain in order to be still slightly sticky: This horse operates best on a superb monitor.

some thing (normally a e-book) which sells incredibly numerous copies. Ernest Hemingway wrote many bestsellers. trefferboek, blitsverkoper الأكْثَرُ بيعا / رَواجا бестселър campeão de vendas bestseller der Bestseller bestseller μπεστ σέλερ best seller, éxito de ventas menuraamat پرفروش ترین menestysteos best-vendor רַב מֶכֶר सर्वाधिक बिकने वाला uspješnica könyvsiker paling laris metsölubók best vendor, ベストセラー 베스트 셀러 bestseleris bestsellers jualan terbaik succesboekbestsellerbestseller خه خرسوونکی campeão de vendas best-vendor бестселлер bestseller uspešnica bestseler storsäljare, bestseller (หนังสือ) ขายดี en çAlright satan (kitap, vb) 暢銷書 бестселер سب سے زیادہ بکنے والی کتاب یا کوئی اور شے cuốn sách/ đĩa hát bán chạy nhất 畅销书

remarkable - of large or remarkable excellent or overall performance; "excellent wisdom derived from working experience"; "exceptional math college students"

the best : the best particular person or matter : the best team of individuals or factors : a person's or one thing's best, capable, or prosperous affliction : the very best stage you can do or accomplish

He was now, accordingly, seeking the best dancer (possessed with the indispensable own attractions) who was to get present in the theatres with the Continent.

worst - (superlative of `terrible') most wanting in high quality or value or situation; "the worst player on the workforce"; "the worst weather of your yr"

Relevance ranks synonyms and implies the best matches based on how carefully a synonym’s feeling matches the perception you chose.

: while in the best way : in a way that is much better than all Other individuals : with probably the most results or advantage : to the greatest degree or extent

adj superl of good → beste(r, s) attr; (= most favourable) route, price tag also → günstigste(r, s) attr; being best → am besten/günstigsten more info sein; to get best of all → am allerbesten/allergünstigsten sein; that was the best matter about her/that might materialize → das war das Beste an ihr/, was geschehen konnte; that will be best or perhaps the best issue for everyone → das wäre fileür alle das Beste; the best factor to try and do is to attend, it’s best to attend → das Beste ist zu warten; may possibly the best guy gain!

(anything that's) good to the best extent. the best e book on the topic; the best (that) I can perform; She's my best Buddy; Which method is (the) best?; The flowers are at their best just now. beste أفْضَلُ ، الأفْضَلُ най-добър melhor nejlepší beste/-r/-s bedst ο καλύτερος, άριστοςmejor parim بهترین paras le/la meilleur/-eure הַטוֹב בְּיוֹתֵר सर्वोत्तम najbolji legjobb paling baik bestur migliore, il migliore 最良の 가장 좋은 geriausias vislabākais baik bestbestnajlepszy تر ټولو ښه، تر ټولو غوره، تر ټولو ګټور melhor cel mai bun лучший najlepší najboljši najbolji bäst ดีที่สุด en iyi, en iyisi 最好的 найкращий بہترین tốt nhất; đẹp nhất 最好的

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recommended - deserving of becoming proposed or advised; prudent or intelligent; "this sort of motion is neither required nor sensible"; "Severe warning is recommended"; "it can be recommended to phone first"

a deep enclosed Place inside of a developing or concerning properties that is open up for the sky to permit light and air to enter

outmaneuver, outmanoeuvre, outsmart - defeat by extra skillful maneuvering; "The English troops outmaneuvered the Germans"; "My new supervisor is aware how you can outmaneuver the manager in most predicaments"

SO spake the Son of God; and Satan stood A while as mute, confounded what to convey, What to reply, confuted and convinced Of his weak arguing and fallacious drift; At size, amassing all his serpent wiles, With comforting phrases renewed, him As a result accosts:-- "I see thou know'st what exactly is of use to be aware of, What best to state canst say, to complete canst do; Thy actions to thy text accord; thy phrases To thy substantial coronary heart give utterance because of; thy coronary heart Contains of excellent, intelligent, just, the perfet form.

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